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  1. Theresa Williams

    Theresa Williams

    46 секунд мурун

    I love life music 🤩

  2. Sherry Warren

    Sherry Warren

    2 мүнөт мурун

    Love this so much! I’ve watched it a few times! Pop pop your sooo funny!!! 😂😂😂

  3. Lakers In 5

    Lakers In 5

    14 мүнөт мурун

    Check out pastor fred KGkey page, he was a funny man. Will be missed dearly.

    • Lakers In 5

      Lakers In 5

      14 мүнөт мурун

      Fred Thomas Tv

  4. K Long

    K Long

    17 мүнөт мурун

    The home look so nice .

  5. Theresa Williams

    Theresa Williams

    21 мүнөт мурун

    Those are some Big panties Lol !!!!

  6. Theresa Williams

    Theresa Williams

    28 мүнөт мурун


  7. Ja’Van Jenise

    Ja’Van Jenise

    46 мүнөт мурун

    She is blessed very entertaining ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Randi Marshals

    Randi Marshals

    48 мүнөт мурун

    What the COVID is this singing....BOO BOO

  9. Rita lock

    Rita lock

    59 мүнөт мурун

    I loved this show, I saw her first intro and so glad that Rickie posted this cause I missed it, I so enjoyed her talent, it is11:52 and I am sitting here praising him too. Thank You so much, she is a gem, God is with us Everywhere.

  10. Sonja Wilcox

    Sonja Wilcox

    Саат мурун

    Yes they should 😃

  11. Michele K

    Michele K

    Саат мурун

    My song!!!

  12. Jay R Jr Jay R Jr

    Jay R Jr Jay R Jr

    Саат мурун


  13. The Big Life Of Jamillah

    The Big Life Of Jamillah

    Саат мурун

    Best Version I Have Came Across

  14. Tina M

    Tina M

    Саат мурун

    Gone but never forgotten

  15. 249 Gang to the Turkey rides;) of a

    249 Gang to the Turkey rides;) of a

    Саат мурун

    3:40 Nailed it!

  16. Nate J. Brown

    Nate J. Brown

    Саат мурун

    She was good!

  17. 249 Gang to the Turkey rides;) of a

    249 Gang to the Turkey rides;) of a

    Саат мурун

    so basically, it all boils down to where you are, and who you are with...



    2 саат мурун

    That man can sing, I enjoyed it.

  19. J/ Banks

    J/ Banks

    2 саат мурун

    😷😷😷Is it just me? How is Rickey & crowd pretending there is no pandemic?

  20. rudolph mcneill

    rudolph mcneill

    2 саат мурун

    Daaaamn!!! Some vocal training to strengthen her technique and more experience to overcome the nervousness. Using it to enhance her performance. But she's definitely got "IT". We should keep an eye/ear out for this talented young lady. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  21. Tammy Crutchfield

    Tammy Crutchfield

    2 саат мурун

    That damn Ricky is a fool LMAO!!!😜😜😜

  22. Van L

    Van L

    2 саат мурун

    Big up to Crucial Conflict for loving on Chris....

  23. Van L

    Van L

    2 саат мурун

    Nice job...hard song....enjoyed it...

  24. Van L

    Van L

    2 саат мурун

    He was really good..

  25. MsRESPECT90


    2 саат мурун

    😢😢😢 who’s going to give her the bad news?

  26. Michelle Clay

    Michelle Clay

    2 саат мурун

    I give the ladies A for effort and being brave and coming on stage and singing. But one little suggestion if you are gonna do Kareoke and are gonna try to know ahead of time the name of the song, learn the words and practice, practice, practice, practice the song before you go on stage. And once you get to the venue and get on stage and sing you can relax and have way more fun and enjoy the moment much better. You never know "RIGHT PEOPLE" maybe in the audience and may "DISCOVER YOU". 😁😁😁

  27. Van L

    Van L

    3 саат мурун

    Love love Keisha Cole singing this hit. This young lady had more confidence than me attempting to sing it....good job....

  28. Freddy Cooks International SoulFood

    Freddy Cooks International SoulFood

    3 саат мурун

    Yall don't think juicy was playing them? I didn't take her seriously. Was she foreal? I still can't tell.. it was a prank. It would've been a good prank if it wasn't.

  29. Earnestine Cannon

    Earnestine Cannon

    3 саат мурун


  30. AaRon's yt

    AaRon's yt

    3 саат мурун

    I'm weak! Da look on Rickey’s face!😂

  31. BLk JuanesRose

    BLk JuanesRose

    3 саат мурун

    He did good , I can't wait until the movie comes out staring Tyrese as Teddy

  32. Lynda Hairston

    Lynda Hairston

    3 саат мурун

    She’s a sweetheart, loves. Pastor Fred church in 60 sec. so do I. 🙏🏽 gone too soon, in our hearts Pastor Fred is still with us . Thank you Rickey!!! ❤️💯

  33. Life With Christen

    Life With Christen

    3 саат мурун

    Born and Raised in Tha Boot

  34. cathy goode

    cathy goode

    3 саат мурун

    Bless her heart do she know rest in peace

  35. syndi301


    3 саат мурун

    Brings back memories do your thing beg on! you go boy! I would forgive you 😆

  36. Lakeshia Ball

    Lakeshia Ball

    3 саат мурун

    I can’t stand Baby Mammys like her a real Mother wouldn’t do that she is a very ignorant and sick individual to do that I feel sorry for that baby

  37. Demett Jenkins

    Demett Jenkins

    3 саат мурун

    I am hollering!!! All of it is true!! Rickey you are a complete fool!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown

    3 саат мурун

    As a fello Sag nasty resident and central junior cougar student, that’s tweets junior high I’m very proud 😀😎

  39. Queen J

    Queen J

    3 саат мурун

    Kroger restaurant ordering lol