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Everything Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera Said On "Dish Nation" & "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"

Waka Flocka Flame and his beautiful wife Tammy Rivera visited the show and talked about their relationship, surviving Marriage Boot Camp, Gucci Mane, Deb Antney, moving away from that Vegan Life, and the really positive plans he has for their future.
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  1. Shye Lowe

    Shye Lowe

    5 ай мурун

    I like Tammy and Waka they been through a few things...They made it through Marriage Boot Camp .and still together ( love it)💞

  2. Queen Dee

    Queen Dee

    Жыл мурун

    This is Cringey To Watch Not to Organize😏

  3. Ashley Medina

    Ashley Medina

    Жыл мурун

    tammy is so adorable talking about that damn bed I wanted one but now I don't anymore after the no cuddling problem

  4. Octavia McKinney

    Octavia McKinney

    Жыл мурун

    Ty I’m not getting a sleep number now

  5. Cynthia Hammett

    Cynthia Hammett

    Жыл мурун

    Good point Waka about how sports should give back to the community. Well said! I loved this interview Headkrack.💋

  6. SlimGxd_


    Жыл мурун

    I thought that guy Gary was gonna hug Waka 😂😂 I’m like aye son know ya place lol. Handshakes only.

  7. Kisha Davis

    Kisha Davis

    Жыл мурун

    I'm so happy for yall

  8. TheCoronapatron


    Жыл мурун

    Duly noted: Sleep Number bed is NOT for cuddling couples lol

  9. Desirae Fuqua

    Desirae Fuqua

    Жыл мурун

    They must of been high lol the game was called same damn time and they were on slow motion for me!!

  10. Zemit Basikc

    Zemit Basikc

    2 жыл мурун

    Interview energy way off 👀

  11. Tremain Smith

    Tremain Smith

    2 жыл мурун

    True Couple Don't take no Bullshit True Love⭐🌙

  12. Vona Lee

    Vona Lee

    2 жыл мурун

    Tammy and Waka are great together. Tammy knocked all the B _ _ _ _es out the park. However, I've been following their interviews following marriage boot camp and noticed that they wore the same thing for every interview. Why?

    • Lywanna Woods

      Lywanna Woods

      2 жыл мурун

      It was the same day

  13. Destiny Jenkins

    Destiny Jenkins

    2 жыл мурун

    I love y'all and the growth! I wish you guys nothing but success!!!

  14. Miranda Summerset

    Miranda Summerset

    2 жыл мурун

    Lol they hardly acknowledged each other in the beginning... Awkward af

  15. NC Old-Soul

    NC Old-Soul

    2 жыл мурун

    Lol, he said she's granny but on MBC I thought he said she fights and put a gun on him. That doesn't sound like granny. Lol

  16. Glowgirl


    2 жыл мурун

    I like them but this was boring 🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. Pepsi DiBoss

    Pepsi DiBoss

    2 жыл мурун

    I ❤️ Tammy (TEAMLEO♌️) n I fuks w/ Waka ‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️ . But I ❤️ Tammy more 😭🥰

  18. Queen Trish48

    Queen Trish48

    2 жыл мурун

    Gooood interview!! Loved it!!💑💪🙌



    2 жыл мурун

    Awe-inspiring Tammy & Waka Flocka.👋🏽 This segment gives us a peak at what's to come: "SMILEY Parenting 101: Teaching Real Fathers, how to Raise Real Men by healing the boy from within so that manhood transcends-bringing about 'Men Of Valor' who are committed to standing firm in their discipline; standing firm in their abilities; standing firm in their will, but most importantly, standing firm in the finished work of GOD." #SMILEYParenting101

  20. SugaHill 1913

    SugaHill 1913

    2 жыл мурун

    I really like Tammy, her spirit... And she isn't a push over!! you can tell she runs the house and knows her place as a woman as a wife as a mother I love that she cooks!! Waka you found a good one now don't act up and lose her, you'll never find another!!!!

    • Cakeandsum Rosesplease

      Cakeandsum Rosesplease

      7 ай мурун

      Judging from their reality show, no one runs the house. And it looks like there one of their problems. No structure whatsoever. And if you think Tammy does, she doesn't do it well lol.

    • Sis Raye

      Sis Raye

      2 жыл мурун

      Steph 1913 she runs the house and knows her place as a woman can’t be in the same sentence...

  21. God's Will & Favor Blessed

    God's Will & Favor Blessed

    2 жыл мурун

    Wow wow wow wow giving back now that's the word for the year. No matter the amount just give and it will be given back to you over flowed.

  22. Raw Shea Butter

    Raw Shea Butter

    2 жыл мурун

    13:19 ohhh Tammy puffs too 🌿🍀💨🙊👍🏾

  23. B B

    B B

    2 жыл мурун

    I love how professional head rack transforms 🤩

  24. Naga God

    Naga God

    2 жыл мурун


  25. JazzyBev


    2 жыл мурун

    I want to see this couple win. They resemble the average married couple who has gone through challenges and worked to making their marriage better and stronger. There is no such thing as a PERFECT marriage!

  26. BlackOpal Dream

    BlackOpal Dream

    2 жыл мурун

    Just the way Gary greeted Waka was shady lol. 😂❤️❤️

    • Corinth Stark

      Corinth Stark

      Жыл мурун

      I bet he feels stupid now because he ask Tammy why she married waka, now you see why waka is intelligent and has integrity about himself and cherishes her and her daughter and will support her with her career they really love one another

    • Pearl Morgan

      Pearl Morgan

      2 жыл мурун

      BlackOpal Dream what did he do lol

  27. S. Wynn

    S. Wynn

    2 жыл мурун




      2 жыл мурун

      Just subbed Sub back 💯

  28. Pillionaire


    2 жыл мурун

    This was cringy for some reason

    • Nijah Sadè

      Nijah Sadè

      2 жыл мурун

      Courtney A forced to be together?

    • Raw Shea Butter

      Raw Shea Butter

      2 жыл мурун

      I feel like these two are forced 🤔

  29. Are Gup

    Are Gup

    2 жыл мурун