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My Response To People Criticizing Me For Bathing My Grandson In A Sink

I just had to respond to the people goin' in on me for giving my grandson a bath in the sink in my laundry room.
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  1. Positive vibes

    Positive vibes

    10 күн мурун

    Who cares what people think

  2. RoseGold Banks

    RoseGold Banks

    14 күн мурун

    Look you’re doing a great job as long as you don’t let dogs lick him in the face I have nothing to say, these people on KGkey and their pets with their kids make me 🤕🤢🤮

  3. Denise Boddy

    Denise Boddy

    Ай мурун

    I love how you snap back. Stop looking

  4. Deborah Moore

    Deborah Moore

    Ай мурун

    I am 67 yrs. old, before we had a inside bathroom we took a bath in the kitchen in a #2 tub. When I had my kids I bathed them in my kitchen sink and when they had my grandkids I bathed them in my kitchen sink. And they are all just fine; saved my back from bending over.

  5. Sheila Syms

    Sheila Syms

    2 ай мурун

    I gave my granddaughter. Baths in the sink ain't nothing wrong with its that the country way!!my parents from the south so they brought their country ways to the east where i was born... Go head and watch your pocket book.❤😂😂

  6. sugar butt

    sugar butt

    2 ай мурун


  7. Katrin Vincent

    Katrin Vincent

    2 ай мурун

    My children and grandson enjoyed a bath in the sink. Clean is clean bottom line

  8. Stacy Jackson

    Stacy Jackson

    2 ай мурун

    Sweet beautiful smart Grayson SMILEY YESSSSS ❤️

  9. Stacy Jackson

    Stacy Jackson

    2 ай мурун

    Those who criticizing RICKEY SMILEY. You heard Him!!!!!! I love this MAN because as you see what wonderful Father and Grandfather he is. Excellent Rickey I love it 💞 I am so lost I simply don't understand weird strange comments.But they say they are your fans? Excuse me but just mind-boggling.

  10. Sherry Warren

    Sherry Warren

    3 ай мурун

    Love this video! I bathed mine in the sink too’ it’s perfect when their small. Love you Rickey! ♥️

  11. Dana Crawford

    Dana Crawford

    3 ай мурун

    I bath my nieces in the sink all the time ,when they were young

  12. My Three Rose Buds

    My Three Rose Buds

    3 ай мурун

    There is NOTHING wrong with that, im ol skool and thats just something that has always been done. I guess who ever does see it I think they must not be from our days, BUT I did that so now my daughter does it. Some people are just not aware so to bad for them. Watch them try it then they might even like it. ALOT EASIER TOO. 💕

  13. Leslie Fisk

    Leslie Fisk

    3 ай мурун

    lol I used to give my son's baths in the same kid of sink when they were small to .... nothing wrong with it .

  14. Sonya Blount

    Sonya Blount

    4 ай мурун

    Wash your pocketbook? My heart just melted. You're a gem.

  15. MayFlower Mayflower

    MayFlower Mayflower

    4 ай мурун

    I was bath in a sink and everybody else in my family I'm 33 and as well as my son. People are crazy bored and dont have nothing to do. Leave Rickey alone ,as long as he ain't hurting that baby leave him alone. Rickey u doing Great, keep up the good work. My son doesn't have a father I would love for you to raise mine. Keep it up Rickey we love u.

  16. Laura Lamberson

    Laura Lamberson

    4 ай мурун

    Hey Ricky, ain't no shame n my game. I always bathed my child ( a girl) n the sink. It was easy nd convenient. Just the right size for my child st da toddler age.

  17. Christy Heathcott

    Christy Heathcott

    5 ай мурун

    I am from Tennessee & I think it's a Southern thangggg!! You're an amazing grandparent🤗😁👍❤️

  18. TeeziWhooh


    5 ай мурун

    I’m loving your way of doing things. You’re not an absent MAN!!! Period. I’d suggest you send me some of Ms. Janie bbq sauce and J. McDougal says hi

  19. TeeziWhooh


    5 ай мурун

    I’ll like to bring my sleeping bag and use it for my guest room when I’m in town

  20. TeeziWhooh


    5 ай мурун

    Rickey, You NEED to keep doing YOU!! Panama City has your back. Do you

  21. travsyl


    5 ай мурун

    It’s like a miniature tub. It’s works! 😇🛀

  22. A Daun

    A Daun

    6 ай мурун

    I love that sink and washroom! I need one just like it!!

  23. Shye Lowe

    Shye Lowe

    6 ай мурун

    It's actually a perfect room .....NO EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Denise Wynn

    Denise Wynn

    6 ай мурун

    I am so sick of you complaining about what people say about your grandson. Just ignore them. You make such a big deal about nothing..

  25. Amy Jones

    Amy Jones

    7 ай мурун

    Forget who got something to say..... I think it’s GREAT to give your grand baby a bath in the sink even if it was the kitchen sink but it’s OBVIOUS that is a LAUNDRY ROOM. Rickey Smiley your a great parent and grandparent friend and most of all gives encouragement and great advice just as God tells you,so the people will understand. Those who don’t understand they will someday. Keep up the GREAT WORK! Love you to pieces 😘

  26. Pamela L Williams

    Pamela L Williams

    7 ай мурун

    Sir, some people just don't understand. We bath babies or little children in the sink because one you have to be comfortable to hold the baby child and have little children. They are very active and you have to be able to hold them. For those that don't know Black parents especially and older parents have been washing children in a sink for centuries. Instead of bending over a tub that is so big (I was typing it as you started to say this) to fill up for a baby or a little child. Keep being you sir. Congratulations again.

  27. Elanda Lewis

    Elanda Lewis

    7 ай мурун

    I'm 62 yrs old and I was bath in the sin L

  28. Joy H

    Joy H

    7 ай мурун

    Safety 1st Ricky. And that’s a really big laundry room!! Love the big sink too! As long as he’s not left alone in the sink/his tub stop explaining yourself.

  29. Audrey Rattler

    Audrey Rattler

    7 ай мурун

    I give my grand baby a bath in bathroom sink it's better she's afraid of the tub tell them people to shut up you are a good parent and grand parent ❤

  30. Ellen Jones

    Ellen Jones

    7 ай мурун

    Congratulations mr smiley be safe. 🙏

  31. Wanda Stoner

    Wanda Stoner

    7 ай мурун

    You are doing a good job

  32. Wanda Stoner

    Wanda Stoner

    7 ай мурун

    I bath my kids in a sink when they were small

  33. Wanda Stoner

    Wanda Stoner

    7 ай мурун

    I think it great

  34. Wanda Stoner

    Wanda Stoner

    7 ай мурун

    A lot of us mother's wash their children in the sink

  35. Sharone Robinson

    Sharone Robinson

    7 ай мурун

    That's nothing wrong with that that's just the old fashioned way it worked for me and my kids came out GREAT keep doing what your doing Rickey😁

  36. A P

    A P

    7 ай мурун

    I want to send myself to Rickys 😄

  37. love my kind

    love my kind

    7 ай мурун

    Honey we all have taking a bath in the sink I have 4 kids and all mine was in the sink until they couldn't fit in the sink no more. That's what real black folks do.

  38. Diana Bates

    Diana Bates

    7 ай мурун

    You guys leave Ricky smart alone if you want to Brave his baby in there that's his business why are you in his life telling them what to do leave Somali alone okay don't be telling me about his grandson that's his Grand so he do what he want you guys have no right to say anything nothing nada goofball I'll tell her I'm on I'm on Ricky smart Smalley I'm on your side brother I got your back

  39. Wanda Sanders

    Wanda Sanders

    8 ай мурун

    You are the best grandpa.

  40. Wanda Howard

    Wanda Howard

    8 ай мурун

    Rickey Smiley you are doing a great job love it

  41. Gloria Anderson

    Gloria Anderson

    8 ай мурун

    They Need To Get Themselves Some Shonuf Beezwax

  42. Kathy K

    Kathy K

    8 ай мурун

    If I had a sink like that to bathe my kids in, I would’ve done that, too! It’s easier on your knees & lower back. I bathed my kids in the tub & that’s the pain I went through. When my brother was small & all the kids that came after me, we bathed them in the KITCHEN sink! Yeah, I said it! We lived in the city but we were country as hell! 😂😂😂 And nobody died or got sick either! Now, watch some sensitive person get mad! Bye, Felicia! 😂😂😂

  43. wanda anderson

    wanda anderson

    8 ай мурун

    Do you Rickey

  44. Sonia Irby

    Sonia Irby

    8 ай мурун

    Rickey Smiley, I don't like anyone telling me what to do either!!!!!!

  45. Gwyneeda Davis

    Gwyneeda Davis

    8 ай мурун

    When I keep my granddaughter I wish I could still bathe her in the sink. I have a bad back. She loves the tub now.

  46. Kansaspeach


    8 ай мурун

    Ole school goodness! 😃👍🏼

  47. cvetyung


    8 ай мурун

    Rickey you don't need to explain yourself to ignorant people. I was bathed in the sink, and bathed both my bird in ther sink. Makes perfect since. Wonderful job Rickey. That laundry room is nice. The perfect place for all you use it for.

  48. Latrice Murphy

    Latrice Murphy

    8 ай мурун

    The kids actually love it

  49. Willie Landrum

    Willie Landrum

    8 ай мурун

    That's a southern thing my mom bath six kids in the sink. It's safe when they are little. And I did my son when he was a baby. SMH 😞

  50. Anna Dietz

    Anna Dietz

    8 ай мурун

    It’s fine Rickey you get a certain age n the bending is over.Keep his pictures I know he will appreciate it when he gets older.What a good grandpa you are and enjoy your grand baby.

  51. tina wilson

    tina wilson

    8 ай мурун

    My grandmother bathed me in the sink when I was small you bitches just want to have something to say

  52. natalie garner

    natalie garner

    8 ай мурун

    Congrats Smiley ❤We Old Skool Lot's Parents been bathing their Black Babies in the Sink slippin and Sliding dam near drowned in those Sinks 🤣😆🤣 lol Ha ha

  53. real issues

    real issues

    9 ай мурун

    Rickey, it's alright, he is still a little boy. Now if he was grown, then I might say something😂😂🤣🤣

  54. nechai Berry

    nechai Berry

    9 ай мурун

    Need more men like You! LOVE YOU Rickey!

  55. Starcurl411 W.

    Starcurl411 W.

    9 ай мурун

    Rickey, I love your laundry room. I am in the process of renovating my home and I am going to have a laundry room like yours 😇! I hope you don't mind 😛😄!!!

  56. Lize Beech

    Lize Beech

    9 ай мурун

    Hi rickey

  57. T. J. Williams

    T. J. Williams

    9 ай мурун

    Rickey, I am sooooooo very proud of you and your commitment to your grandson. Tell the critics to kiss ya Ass.

  58. Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    10 ай мурун

    Heck, we bathed babies in my family in the KITCHEN sink!

  59. mike P.

    mike P.

    10 ай мурун

    My family have done that for years and my best friend bathe her daughter in the sink as well it’s one of the safest ways to bathe a small child.

  60. Lize Beech

    Lize Beech

    10 ай мурун

    I gave all my 5 kids as nd grandkids in the sink

  61. BettyBee Duran

    BettyBee Duran

    10 ай мурун

    I bathe all my kids in a regular kitchen sink 🤣😂 easy and convenient ❤️

  62. tina james

    tina james

    10 ай мурун

    Love this channel for reasons such as this video. I am forgetting about the topic at hand I am thinking about the love it shows you have for your grandson. What a great grandfather....oh I wish my laundry room was as spacious as yours. You better win....Thanks

  63. Robert Long

    Robert Long

    10 ай мурун

    Hi Rickey , keep up the good Work. We need more Grandfathers like you

  64. Leah Hicks

    Leah Hicks

    10 ай мурун

    That’s a really nice setup you have there! Now folk know, we bathed our kids in the sink! You got a nice sink too!! You’re doing a great job raising your grandson! God bless you & your family!

  65. BooBoo Grayson

    BooBoo Grayson

    10 ай мурун

    It is not a small room!

  66. Freida Martin

    Freida Martin

    10 ай мурун

    Rickey said I want to respond to yall not in a negative way. 5 min. Later " first of all dumbass"😂😂😂I hollered!

  67. T Bo

    T Bo

    10 ай мурун

    I love you Ricky!❤... Sometimes you gotta hit them with No Response' that itself is a response. Be well dear.

  68. Victoria Scott

    Victoria Scott

    10 ай мурун

    I use to do the same for my son, nothing wrong with that at all and further more you raise and do for your grand baby how you see fit.

  69. S.L.W.


    10 ай мурун


  70. Ethel Crunkleton

    Ethel Crunkleton

    10 ай мурун

    People need to mind their business . Keep u the good job

  71. MRichdown


    10 ай мурун

    Congrats bro!!!

  72. Patricia Fassett

    Patricia Fassett

    11 ай мурун

    We always did

  73. blessed blessed

    blessed blessed

    11 ай мурун

    Well organized.

  74. Dwayne Taylor

    Dwayne Taylor

    11 ай мурун

    I remember taking my bath in the kitchen big sick. I grew up in the project. They just expect more from you cause you got money. Bullshit. lol

  75. Lene Domi

    Lene Domi

    11 ай мурун

    I just applaud you for being such a good gpop 🥰🙏🏽 I washed my kids in the sink too 🤷🏽‍♀️

  76. Queen of the South

    Queen of the South

    11 ай мурун

    Amen good old school parenting works!!!!

  77. Queen of the South

    Queen of the South

    11 ай мурун

    Yessss I have memories of my parents house. They had a laundry room with the drep sink😃😃😃

  78. Denise Johnson

    Denise Johnson

    11 ай мурун

    I love how funny you are Rickey you roll your babies up like a blunt so do I

  79. Denise Johnson

    Denise Johnson

    11 ай мурун

    How are you doing Rickey I love what you doing I did the same thing with my grand babies god bless you



    11 ай мурун

    I see anything wrong with bathing your grandson in the sink. My grandmother use to bathe me in a tin tub on the back porch.

  81. Katrina Livingston

    Katrina Livingston

    11 ай мурун

    You are doing alright by your grandson Rickey. Stop giving people explanations they don't deserve. They don't pay your bills or feed you or him. You owe them nothing okay blessings to you.💖🙏

  82. xxof830


    11 ай мурун

    Who criticize you about that lol my grandmother gave me baths in the sink and I did the same thing with my kids and my grandkids keep up the good raising that little boy will have great loving memories then he grows up

  83. John Slay

    John Slay

    11 ай мурун

    Its sad how miserable people love company.....SALUTE to you💯

  84. joyce taylor

    joyce taylor

    11 ай мурун

    Rickey your old school because I do the same thing when my babies were little when they start doing for theirselves is when they f-up

  85. Vi Mcdaniel

    Vi Mcdaniel

    11 ай мурун

    I thought he said grand father at first and still wasn't tripping. None of my business lmao

  86. Beverly Ellis

    Beverly Ellis

    11 ай мурун

    I used to bathe my kids in kitchen sink,them damn folks got their nerves,you ain't gotta explain nothing to them haters.

  87. latoya thomas

    latoya thomas

    11 ай мурун

    I use to take a bath in the sink when I was little 💕

  88. Patricia Watkins

    Patricia Watkins

    11 ай мурун

    Perfect not just saying that because you're Rickey or IAM afraid it's the truth s

  89. Patricia Watkins

    Patricia Watkins

    11 ай мурун


  90. Allison White

    Allison White

    11 ай мурун

    That's right you do not owe anyone an explanation. Most of have given our grandkids a bath in the sink & our kids too. Do you my bro. Tell them dumdums it's called I clean my sink disinfect after his bath. Your baby didn't like his new hair style neither did I. LOL. Your Amazing. Mr Rickey Smiley Excellent You Are

  91. anna banana

    anna banana

    11 ай мурун

    Your such a GREAT GRANDPA keep doing what you know how to do . SHOOT I RAISE MY OWN KIDS NOW RAISING GRANDKIDS. I had to learn different things with this new generation. The pediatric doctor told me not to let my grandson wear those Briefs 🩲 they were causing YEASTS INFECTION ON MY BABY . I did it and he is now 11 ad no more yeast . Just me talking like an grandma I’m old skool too . 60’s baby here . GOD BLESS YOU RICKY .

  92. mike pride

    mike pride

    11 ай мурун

    These new school folks are so ignorant to old school ways. You act like you know so much when you were done in the old school ways. They were better.

  93. Lisa Battle

    Lisa Battle

    11 ай мурун

    olawwd I dropped a tear when you said pocketbook lord brought back great memories my great gran madea and baba he would say dont cross yo legs like that gal them boys gone see whats in ya pocketbook and madea would say yeah dont show them whats in ya pocketbook til you get grown then they'll put something in it I was so lost like I aint even carrying a pocketbook madea what that mean her all time phrase for everything would be baby keep on living you'll find out....

  94. Delores Keys

    Delores Keys

    11 ай мурун

    Sharp looking laundry room don't worry about what people say,they are hater's,they wished they had had all that luxury.

  95. Delores Keys

    Delores Keys

    11 ай мурун

    Congrats on your awards

  96. Tarina Brooks

    Tarina Brooks

    11 ай мурун

    That actually saves your back because bending over the tub hurts your back I use to bathe my niece in the sink it was just more convenient

  97. Erica Jordan

    Erica Jordan

    11 ай мурун

    If a bath is done in the kitchen sink bleach it afterwards. Since it is done in his laundry room I really do not have a problem with it for sure. That is my opinion .

  98. Bridgett Hackett

    Bridgett Hackett

    11 ай мурун

    I feel you Ricky because what works for you is for YOU keep up the good grandparenting!!!

  99. D ee

    D ee

    11 ай мурун

    Ricky I bathed both my kids and grandkids in the sink it's small and why not

  100. Jackie Correll

    Jackie Correll

    11 ай мурун

    He’s clean...what else do you want people??? Some people just wants to find something to talk about!!!🤦🏽‍♀️